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I believe we all wished we still didn’t have to be dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, but the reality is it’s still with us, and is building steam again!  With the delta variant, being much more contagious than what we have faced over the past year, and with less than expected fully vaccinated individuals it looks like the pandemic will only continue.  In addition to this, let us not forget that our youngest family members are not able to be vaccinated and still face and are dealing with the full effect of the pandemic.


As a result of this, we are HIGHLY ENCOURAGING EVERYONE to wear a mask while inside, this includes in the church building!  If (or perhaps I should say, when) Warren County moves to a red pandemic status, masks will become mandatory for everyone.  If or when this happens we will communicate this to you.


As Christ followers let us do our part to not only protect ourselves, but all those around us.  Let us continue to put others’ needs before our own by wearing masks again inside, and by getting vaccinated.  Let us spread the Gospel message rather than Covid-19.


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