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Patience- the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.  Patience is something we have to learn. It is not in our nature to be patient.  Babies are very impatient little ones, when they are hungry, tired, soiled or feeling bothered, they really let you know.  They cry and fuss and carry on until their needs are met.   Toddlers start learning that they might not be able to have a certain toy right when they want it, and they start learning the art of patience at this age. They can wait calmly for a short amount of time when they are hungry and mom or dad are making them something to eat.   Every year as we grow up we learn how to be more patient with certain things, but as we get older we seem to lose our patience with other things.  One of the things I seem to lose my patience over is my computer.  I get so impatient waiting for it to get on the internet, opening my email, or downloading files that I find myself very frustrated.  We are in such an era that everything is moving so fast that we have grown more impatient.  Kids can ask their phone a question and get an instant answer. My kids ask me questions and I don't know the answer, I tell them to ask Siri or Google it. Back when I was a kid my parents told me to look it up in the encyclopedia. Sometimes my kids show a little patience and wait for their father to get home from work; because he seems to remember everything he hears and reads. 


Since I have been the Director of Children's Ministry I have heard people say many times "you just need to be patient" or "It will happen in God's Time".  I have to remind myself that God has a plan and we need to have patience because our timetable isn't His timetable. This isn't just at church but in my everyday life too.   I learned about "God's Time" very quickly with Parent's Day Out.  I had this thought that when we started advertising our Parent's Day Out Program people would be signing up in droves. That was not God's plan; we opened our doors January of 2016 with one class of 5 kids and two caregivers one day a week.  We were hoping for more, but God knows what he is doing.  It was perfect.  We were able to take care of the little ones and learned more about running a Parent's Day Out program hands on.  The next year, our first full year, we started with two classes, 15 kids, and 5 caregivers one day a week. We were able to learn more and it made us ready for this year.  This year as of right now we have three classes, 19 children registered and will have 6 caregivers, two days a week.  We are growing every year. Is it as fast as I would like? Well it really isn't up to me.  I know God is in control and he has a plan.  I just have to put my trust in Him. 


This past weekend I was at the Baby and Beyond Expo with our Parent's Day Out booth.   We did this last year; it is a great way to get our name out there.  We actually had a couple of people sign up for our program last year who had attended the Baby and Beyond Expo.  Hopefully we have some others sign up who attended this year!  I know God has a plan, so only He knows if anyone from the Expo will sign up. I just have to have patience and see who He sends our way!



Ellen Foss

Director of Children's Ministry


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