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What Is Your Joy?


This past Tuesday night, April 17, 2018, a group of 12 members of the Praise Team/friends attended a concert called Outcry 2018.  It was an amazing experience to worship together with thousands of people. There were 4 different worship bands and a preacher by the name of Christine Caine, from Australia. 


Christine delivered a powerful message that had my car pool of people talking about the points in her message for a good portion of the drive home.  Many things about her message were compelling, thought provoking, and new.

Case in point, yesterday I was mopping the floor with my Hurricane Mop.  My mother in law got it for me for a Christmas present several years ago after I became enamored by all the commercials.  And I absolutely love it - it was my favorite Christmas present that year.


As I was mopping the kitchen floor, I would wring the mop out simply by inserting the mop head into the spin bucket while pushing the pedal mechanism with my foot, and then the water effortlessly and wonderfully "wringed itself out." And I was remembering how I told all my friends when I first got that mop, how they needed to get a Hurricane Mop, because it was the best thing ever!  And a friend or two did get the Hurricane Mop based on my joy, excitement and enthusiasm. 


But the thought I'd like to share for purposes of this writing is not that everyone needs a Hurricane Mop; it is one of the thoughts Christine Caine shared with us.

She said we share with other people what we are the most joyful about.  It's what we do.  It's what I do.  It's what you do.


"I found this great new place to eat, you really need to try it."


"Oh my gosh, there is a huge sale going, you have to go."


"You have to go see this movie, it's the best movie I have ever seen."


And in my case, "Oh my gosh, you HAVE to get this Hurricane Mop, it's the best thing ever!"


Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with sharing what makes us joyful with our friends, family, and others, especially if it can bring them joy as well.  But the preacher's point or rather her convicting question was, "Why aren't we sharing our joy of God with others when we can so easily share our joy of food, movies or shopping?"


Think about that for a minute... What is the joy you have in God that you can share with others?


One of the things that brings me the most joy is making music.  Whether it's practicing on Thursday nights with the praise team, or leading worship on Sunday mornings with those who gather, it is such an incredible time when we can all share our joy in the Lord, together, with music and just worship Him, hopefully/prayerfully in full voices! 


For me, if the opportunity presents itself, I will ask people if they play an instrument or sing.  Or I will ask people if they attend a church.  I will ask what kind of music they listen to.  And then invite them to come to Mason UMC for worship or perhaps for a music practice.  Because it is how I can easily share my joy in God with others.  And it is easy, because it is natural, and it is what He has given me to use for His glory for His Kingdom.


I invite you again to think for a minute... What is the joy you have in God - that He has given you - that you can share with others?  Perhaps it is music?  Perhaps it is serving? Or Teaching? Or Discipling?  Or providing Hospitality? Or going on Mission Trips?  Or Building/Making  Things?


Share it with others!  Invite them along to join in the journey!  Your willingness to share the joy you've found in God might be the only invitation to meet Jesus a person will ever receive. 


And, think about that for a minute...or two or three...!


Love and Blessings,

Vicki Dudash


P.S. And, if you are interested in the Hurricane Mop, they retail for $39.99 at most discount department stores !

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