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Who You Are, What You Become

Blog? What's in a blog?  What is a "blog"? I mean, a few years ago no one ever heard of the term.  Now, people make a living doing it - - - writing a blog. I'm not sure of the real definition, but I think it means, "Writing down what you are thinking."  


I had a boss who used to ask me all the time, "What are you thinking, Harold?"  He was trying to get into my head, "determine what's on my mind." I think he was trying to determine a very important axiom - - "You become what you think about most of the time."  It's like another axiom, "People form habits and habits form futures." But I won't go there. This "blog" could get out of hand. Let's just say it's true when you think about it, "You become what you think about most of the time."


It's true!  I mean it's in the Bible.  Not in those exact words, but it is there.  The Bible tells us things we should not think and a lot more things we should.  A few examples can be found in: Exodus 20:17, Psalm 16:11, Proverbs 4:23, Isaiah 55:8-9, Matthew 6:14-15, Romans 12:2, Ephesians 4:23, Philippians 4: 8, 11.  We could go on and on with this. You can find lots more yourself.


Our thoughts drive our very being.  They, to a great extent, determine our health and our spiritual well being.  And, if we believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, that's something we should know, pay attention to, and practice.


Pastor Dale has been off for five or six weeks doing just that - - - sharpening his mind, getting into the Word, getting closer to God to be a more effective leader who is going to teach the Word, faithfully follow it, and help us become the church Jesus intended us to be.  Ever since Dale left on his retreat we've been praying for him and our church. On Tuesday, May 1, we received by email "A Prayer of Renewal." As most of those have been, it is a very simple one sentence prayer: 


May we walk together in brotherly love, as becomes the members of a Christian church; exercise care and watchfulness over each other, and faithfully admonish and encourage one another.


One of my favorite preachers and writers, Merlin Carothers said.  "Thoughts of thanksgiving to God can change everything.  Such thoughts produce joy, peace, health and spiritual strength.  They are ideal prayers we can practice all the time." Merlin's right. As we pray we put God on our mind, as we study the Scripture and be in devotion we put God on our mind, as we faithfully admonish and encourage one another we put the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit on our mind.  Praise be to God!


So, "What's on your mind"?  It determines who you are, what you become.


See you at church,



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